2011 ...  BottleTogs

Running out the door with a bottle of champagne in hand, I stopped in my tracks ... how do I attach the card I just made to the bottle?  Ha! a piece of picture wire on the kitchen table.  I quickly wrapped it around the bottle's neck and shaped one end of the wire into a clip to hold the card.  The other end was perfect for holding a birthday candle, which I lit when arriving at the party. 

The gift and card were a big hit and the topic of much discussion:  Could the card-holding-thing-y be made into a product?  It’s so clever!  Would it sell?  It's very pretty.  Gotta get rid of the candle – fire hazard!              

Later that night I decided to see if I could create a marketable device for attaching cards to bottles of wine.  My first creation, called BottleTogs, used aluminum wire to wrap around a bottle and hold a card. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Unfortunately, focus groups made it clear that 97% of humans can not wrap wire around a bottle.  Nevermind. 

2013 ...  Carditts

The next model used ribbon instead of wire; after all, most people can tie their shoe or tie a bow! Carditt Gift Wear™ was born -- a new way to wrap almost any present and attach a card!

2015 ... distribution! 

Staring in 2015 we are partnering with a company to manufacture Carditts and distribute them to stores all over the US and Canada.  You will find Carditts in grocery stores, pharmacy chains, and liquor stores -- hanging on those vertical strips that display the fun items in front of the shelves.  (We'll get a list of retailers on the website soon.) 

2016 ... Cardaments

Visions of Cardaments, dancing in my head forever ... so 2016 turned out to be the year to launch!  Our cardaments are a super pretty option for sending a holiday card that's also a little gift -- an ornament to hang on the Christmas tree, or house plant, or chandelier, or wherever.  Have fun and enjoy!

Kaki Accola, Carditt Creator, Providence, Rhode Island